Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones (Clip 15 – S1.E7)

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Esmé Bianco receiving oral sex from Sahara Knite on a sofa as a guy watches from across the room. The girls then sit up, both showing full nudity. Then they reposition, Sahara laying back and Esmé kneeling between her legs, reaching her left hand down to finger Sahara while leaning over to suck on her nipple. Continuing to have lesbian sex on a sofa, Esmé straddling Sahara and reaching her left hand down between Sahara's legs to finger her as a guy watches. Sahara then flips over and Esmé fingers her from behind as Sahara grinds back against her hand. The girls then sit naked together on the sofa, Sahara resting her head on Esmé's shoulder

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