Spartacus: Vengeance is upon us

The next instalment of the popular Spartacus series has kicked off. If your in the US you can stream it for free on the Starz website. Like the other series it’s goes without saying there will be nudity.

“wda258” at Celebtop gave us a quick review of the good stuff:

* Tits and extremely, extremely brief full frontal from Viva Bianca. You get a fleeting glimpse of her bush as she spins around. Probably a merkin again. * Tits from extras in the colosseum crowd. * Full frontals from several extras in a lengthy brothel scene. * Tits and a near full frontal from Lucy Lawless. She’s getting out of a bath and the camera cuts away right before she gets out completely. * Brief tits from Katrina Law. * There’s also a flashback of the scene in season one where Spartacus screws Illythia.

Watch the Trailer below: