New webfinds section

14th Mar 12 /

As you can imagine each movie that gets added into the archive isn’t a simple 5 min job. From Ripping or downloading the Blu-ray film, to finding & cutting the scenes, to creating imagery & clip information and adding into the system, as-well as uploading the clips and general admin stuff, it can equate to quite some time. Due to this i have to be picky on what film’s i choose to work on as time dictates how much i can do. This all adds up to updates being quite slow :(

So to tackle this lack of content and updates i’ve introduced “Web finds”. Web finds are links from the general celeb community & friends that will act as an alternative (or the only download) for the specific movie.

This way i can get all the latest clips into the archive at a fraction of the time, and at the same time upload my own fav picks.