Nadine Velazquez Full Frontal Nudity in the film “Flight”?

A couple of reviews of upcoming Denzel Washington film called Flight is reporting nudity from Nadine Velasquez. The review from is evensaying it’s full fontal nudity. Read the quote below:

Besides being edgy for a Hollywood movie, this is really dark for Robert Zemeckis. The movie opens with full frontal nudity (Nadine Velazquez, totally integral to the tone, if not to the plot) while Whip is boozing and snorting before the flight.

Hitflix review talks a bit more:

[W]hen we first see Denzel in this film, in bed with Nadine Velazquez, finishing a beer for breakfast and doing a rail to wake himself up as she walks around the room totally nude. At one point, he gives a sideways glance right up her backside as he talks on the phone, and there is a world weary quality to the beat that is both funny and immediately crushing.