Melanie Lynskey Nudity Info from Sundance

So the sundance film festival kicked off a couple of days ago, and we got some nudity news to report! Melanie Lynskey, popularly known as Rose from Two and a Half Men looks like a dead cert for upcoming nudity. Entertainment Weekl reports below:

At one point in the Sundance opening-night movie Hello I Must Be Going, Melanie Lynskey strips naked and sings the Canadian national anthem to a 19-year-old lover during a playful skinny-dip in the family swimming pool.

There were more passionate scenes where that came from: late-night sex in her parents’ car, a tryst on a couch at a family party, sneaking into her young boyfriend’s room when his folks (who mistakenly think he’s gay) are away…

After the movie’s debut late Thursday, the actress known for playing sweet, soft-spoken supporting roles in movies such as Up in the Air, Sweet Home Alabama, and The Informantlooked a little vulnerable onstage as she spoke to the nearly 1,000 moviegoers who just watched the raunchy and comedic love affair play out.