Kirsten Dunst Nudity info in Melancholia from Cannes screening

So Melancholia was screened last night at the Cannes film festival, and disappointingly there wasn’t much more nudity from Kirsten Dunst that we haven’t already seen in the trailer. The only extra is a nice clear view of her breasts from the scene in the pic above – something to look forward to i guess!

Below is the quote from the person who was at the screening.

As expected, Kirsten Dunst is naked in Melancholia. Both scened appear in the trailer, the first one is when she is standing in front of the bathtub, you get a clear shot at her ass and some side boobs then cut to a close up where you get brief boob shots, the scene is unpleasent though. The second scene is the lying naked in the grass, the full frontal shot is the same as the trailer, it is followed by a midshot showing Kirsten’s breasts very clearly for a few seconds. And that’s it :)