Jennifer Aniston Nude in Wanderlust?

Looks like we finally get to see the lovely Jennifer Aniston bearing all in her new upcoming film Wanderlust. A quote from someone over at MrSkin who was lucky enough to see an early preview of the film talks about a couple of lingering shots that shows off Jens perkiness! Sounds great!!

The film isn’t scheduled for release until October, but hopefully there will be some more nudity into or maybe even a cap or two before that!

The full quote from the viewer read this:

So to he who appreciates all things nude, we saw a preview of a really funny new Apatow movie last night called Wanderlust. It stars Paul Rudd and Aniston who find themselves on a nudist colony of sorts. And, in a protest scene, Aniston bares boobs with two long (enough) lingering shots on her perkiness. If she’s had a job, it’s the best in the biz. First Jen boobage that I’m aware of…and worth the wait.

Theres also a bit more info about the film & nudity at Mr Skin