Filehost Mayhem

24th Jan 12 /,

Just as i’d finally gotten around to rebuilding the database & fixing the site, just as i’d finished the revamp and development of the backend, just as i thought we could get the site back on track again, mayhem erupts in the filehosting world…. MegaUpload is gone with filesonic, fileserve and many others are running scared.

So obviously some clip links won’t work anymore…. though this matters little anyway as i fully intended to start uploading to a “multi” upload type site, or giving individual mirrors to each file. The bigger question now is, which one/s?

For the time being we’ll see how things pan out and play it from there. At the moment Rapidshare is a good cert, but we’ll see.

If you need to check back to the old site for old links or whatever, it can be reach here: