Elizabeth Olsen Sex Scene in Martha Marcy May Marlene + Liv Tyler, Juno Temple, Eva Green Info

The Sundance film festival gave us a few scenes to look forward to in future movies. One of them being this Elizabeth Olsen Sex Scene in Martha Marcy May Marlene. According to Mrskin theres a couple of scenes involving her. She said in a interview…

“It was incredibly weird to watch it with other people watching it,” she added, “especially during nude parts.” Yeah, about those: in “Martha Marcy May Marlene” (which Fox Searchlight bought on Monday) Ms. Olsen bares quite a lot, and has some semi-graphic sex scenes. “My dad, when he found out there was nudity in the film, was like, are you sure this is a good idea?” Ms. Olsen said, adding that it was a stretch for her too. “Me as a person, I don’t even wear things that show my midriff ever. I’m a very covered-up human being.” But she thought the nudity served the story, helping explain her character’s twisted relationship to sexuality.

Aside from Olsen, there was also news on nude scenes from Liv Tyler in The Ledge, Juno Temple in Little Birds & Eva Green in Perfect Sence.