Kristen Stewart & Alice Braga topless in ‘On the Road’

‘On the Road’ screened for the first time yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival. The talk before was that Kristen Stewart would make her nudity debut, and sure enough the reports are good! People are saying there is several sex scenes with Kristen involved, with a couple of them topless.

Aswell as Kristen we are also pleased to hear Alice Braga also goes topless in this film.

Unfortunately the film didn’t round it off with Kirsten Dunst, who also stars in the film, getting them out to complete the hat trick!


Asia Argento Topless in Dracula 3d

Reports from cannes of an Asia Argento topless scene in the upcoming film ‘Dracula 3d’. The film is directed by her father, Dario Argento – which may of made for an awkward scene to shoot! Aside from her topless scene i’ve read that Miriam Giovanelli also has a nude scene.

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But then Argento doesn’t usually play by conventional or commercial filmmaking rules, even including nude scenes for his daughter (and almost every other female character to excess) in amongst the provocatively kitsch horror moments and downright ludicrous story elements.

Kristen Stewart topless in upcoming movie ‘On the Road’ has hinted at a topless scene featuring Kristen stewart from her upcoming movie ‘On the Road’. The article doesn’t go much into detail unfortunately. Quote below:

Stewart’s fame also required special care. “Wherever Kristen went, the blogosphere lit up with the specifics of her movements,” adds Yeldham. Her topless scenes with Riley were shot on a closely guarded set to avoid paparazzi and fans.

The pressure of doing the scenes made Riley “sick with anxiety” — but not Stewart. “I was so shocked at being able to do it,” she says. “I didn’t feel naked.”

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Amanda Seyfried Lovelace nudity info has posted a review of Lovelace featuring Amanda Seyfried who plays the real life pornstar, Linda Lovelace.

For those of you curious about how graphic the film gets, you get to see Seyfried topless, a lot, but that’s about it. You get simulated “deep throating” with her hair covering the action, or filmed from the back, and almost rape-like sex scene between her and Chuck, but nothing on the level of The Brown Bunny, a film where Sevigny performed all-out fellatio on Vincent Gallo. Since Seyfried already went topless in Chloe, there’s not much new to see here.

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Jennifer Aniston no nudity in Waunderlust

Early viewers of Jennifer Anistons new film Waunderlust are reporting shes teasing us again and shows no skin at all. The much hyped topless scene that some viewed saw in the early test screenings seems to have been removed in the final cut….

Very disappointing. This was probably just a PR stunt right from the word go.

To top it all off some are saying the film is pretty shite aswell, so save your money on this one.