[Update] Sarah Shahi – Bullet to the Head vid clip

20th Feb 13 / /

[Update] DeepAtSea has posted a better cam version here:


A low res clip of Sarah Shahi nude scene from Sylvester Stallone new film ‘Bullet to the Head’ has been posted on the ctop forums.

Links to the download & forum thread:


Orignal post:


18,90 Mo / 2 min 28 sec / 704×352


Kelly Brook to strip naked in the West end show “Crazy Horse”

Kelly Brook has signed up for 7 nights to star in the French cabaret show “Crazy Horse” where she says she can’t wait to get nude on the stage where she’ll be dancing, naked, for a week. Her show’s starts in London from the 1st, to the 8th of November.

She’ll appear in a section of the performance called “Lecon d’Erotisme”, and, according to the CrazyHorse, will also appear as a character called Miss Bisou throughout the show.

Shes quote as saying on Alan Carr’s ‘Chatty Man’:

It is all about striptease. Every piece of clothing will be removed. We will be naked.

People have asked me if I am comfortable showing off my fu fu. All I can say is it will be beautifully lit. It will be disguised!

There will be bums and nipples on show

Heres a few pic’s she has tweeted:


Review of “The Sessions” Lots of Helen Hunt Nudity!

25th Oct 12 / /

Bartap at the C-Top has given us a review of “The Sessions” nudity. Sounds promising.

Heres what he says:

I saw it today. Helen Hunt is indeed naked, a lot. She shows bush, buns, and breasts. The bush shots are all quick, but there are at least 3 of them, and one of them might show quite a bit if freeze-framed. The ass shots are longer and there is a very nice lingering shot of her lying topless in bed.