Amanda Seyfried nude in Lovelace

Info from Amanda Seyfried upcoming movie “Lovelace” has emerged via a interview on E-Online. The film is based on the life of Linda Lovelace, a former american porn. With this in mind you’d think there was a very high chance of some sort of nudity anyway. One of the producers at the Films production company has hinted at some sort of nudity will feature:

It’s a new thing for her, but it’s not about nudity,” he said. “It’s profound, the performance that she’s giving…She’s doing such an amazing job. We’re about two weeks into filming, and the movie’s going to be incredible.

“Thematically, it’s talking about how abusive the porn industry was to Linda Lovelace,” he said. “Yes, there’s a lot of nudity, but it’s a message movie about respecting women.